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For Girls Ages 13-18


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- Esperanza Guido 05-13-2011

the rivianna is so beautiful! coach sauer is the best!

- George Douglas 02-03-2013

Kevin Sauer is one of the most successful women's coaches in the country of all time. UVA is currently one of the "winningest" programs in the country. How could their camp not be good??

- Launa Mowry 05-13-2011

We've sent our daughter to many camps but feel this is the best value for the money. We also live close by - now just to get her into college there...

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Meet Vera

Coxswain Coaching Associate

Vera is an elite level Dutch coxswain. She helped build portions of the self-assessment mechanisms utilized in the Sparks coxswain curriculum. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and is completing a Masters in Marine Technology from Delft University of Technology. She also holds a C2 level in Cambridge English.

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