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Camp Details

Early Spring Clinic:

Camp Features

  • Instruction on rowing technique using the rowing machines, and in the tanks

  • Team Building and Leadership Activities Individual analysis and video review

  • Land-based strength and conditioning training

  • Athletic Nutritional Discussions

Summer Camp:

Iowa's rowing camp also offers skilled instruction in sweep boats, individual analysis and video review, along with land-based strength and conditioning training.  More information and registration are available at

Learn to Row Camps

This session will be held at Beckwith Boathouse on the river in Terrill Mill Park. It will offer a brief glimpse into the sport of rowing. You will learn the basics of how to row in under 3 hours! All Ages 14 & Up Welcome!



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- Sheila Rinozzi 11-27-2017

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Meet Marcus

Director of Coxswain Coaching

Marcus is a six-time world medalist, three-time world champion, and an Olympic bronze medalist coxswain from Philadelphia. He holds a B.A. from Temple University and a J.D. from the University of San Francisco. He has worked at Sparks since 2010. As a coxswain, he is intimately acquainted with the recruiting and training issues around specialized sport positions and is the primary architect of Sparks' coxswain curriculum.

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