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Overnight camp for boys and girls ages 13-19 with at least one season's experience or novices with experience in at least one other rowing camp. Rowers are categorized by experience into groups of eight and assigned to a Master Coach. This produces an effective student-to-coach ratio of eight-to-one. The Master Coach is on the water with only one crew at a time.

Overnight camp for experienced coxswains. A Coxswain's Master Coach will administer specific instruction for coxswains. In addition to participating in all of the events that the rowers attend (on the water instruction, video reviews, erg demos and clinics), each coxswain will attend off-the-water coxing sessions. Detailed instruction covering topics such as boat-handling, workout skills, racing skills, physiology & psychology, cox/coach relationships, etc., will be discussed. This is an opportunity for coxswains to obtain valuable detailed instruction from the most experienced coaching staff available.

Coaching Education

Limited to three coaches, our coaching education program provides an opportunity for coaches to learn from our experienced Master Coaching staff. Coaches will ride in the launch with our Master Coaches for at least two workouts a day, observe video review, erg demonstrations, core and dynamic mobility sessions, and attend evening clinics. Coaches are encouraged to ask questions about conducting effective practices, coaching technique, making good use of video review, and creating a basic training program. The fee includes room and board onsite.
**USRowing Level II Candidates will complete their 20 hour mentoring requirement while at camp**


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- Jalisa Constante 05-13-2011

Our team sends the maximum amount of kids possible to this camp every year. It is to rowing camps what Bruce Springsteen is to Rock and Roll.

- Shanell Wagnon 05-13-2011

i went to this camp every summer in high school. sad to see they're only running one week these days - classic

- Mel Flaherty 09-29-2012

Good rowing camp for high school rowers. Coxswain development program is good but not as intense as Sparks coxswain camps. My son attended 3 years and really liked it.

- Ginger Macguire 05-14-2013

Our son liked the camp. Rustic - but was pleasant. They're running two weeks this year - one week of sweep and another of sculling.

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