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The Princeton High Performance Rowing Camps are designed for experienced male and female high school rowers who want to enhance their rowing ability.  Four sessions offer you the unique chance to experience what it's like to be a collegiate oarsman in the middle of a racing season.

During the 19 years of the Princeton HP Rowing Camps we have fine-tuned the elements and structure of the camps into something that we think is the best summer rowing camp format in the business.  A rower's daily routine will include twice-a-day workouts on Lake Carnegie, introductions to effective ergometer workouts and testing methods, core strength training, technical sessions in the rowing tanks, and speakers from either the Princeton University Athletic Department umbrella or the 2012 and 2016 United States Olympic Teams.  Speakers will cover a wide range of topics, including nutrition best practices, building better strategies for ergometer testing, the experience of rowing in the Olympics, and how to navigate the ever changing recruiting process.  Coaches are available for daily one-on-one sessions to discuss how personal training and technical improvements will enable each rower to achieve his or her goals.  In addition, each rower will receive at least 60 minutes of direct video analysis and feedback during the week.

All of our camps offer coxswain-specific instruction. Coxswains are separated into their own group for daily instructional sessions. In addition, they are assigned to a boat for on-the-water training and races.  We can proudly say, without a doubt, that the Princeton rowing camps are not only the best camps for rowers, but also coxswains.

Typical Daily Schedule - Subject to Change








Video Review/Rowing Tanks/Ergometers




Free Time or Rowing Tanks/Ergometers

One-On-One Meetings w/ Coaches








Group Activity


Free Time in Dorm


Dorm Check/Lights Out



All camps will be held on the Princeton University campus, one of the most beautiful and historic campuses in the world. Campers will utilize the Shea Rowing Center - home of the Princeton Tigers and a training facility for the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams. The center includes moving water rowing tanks, a strength training room and ergometer room. It is located on Carnegie Lake, a protected body of water, 3 miles long with a 4 lane buoyed race course. Residential campers will reside in Princeton University dormitories and dine in one of the school's dining halls. All dormitories will have adult supervision with a minimum of a 10:1 camper to counselor ratio plus a Health Director.

**Camp dorms do not have air conditioning. We recommend you bring a fan with you camp.**


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- Nenita Fullenkamp 04-23-2012

The boathouse is beautiful!

- Dulce Ingham 05-13-2011

It's a wonderful place to row - the only private lake for rowing in the US "to my knowledge" - with amazing coaching. I'm sure there are other great camps but this one worked for us.

- Dale Huey 05-14-2013

My daughter really enjoyed her time at Princeton. She was a novice last year, and we'll be sending her back again this year. It was good for her to get some exposure outside of our team and see where the sport could take her.

- Holly Mcguire 04-24-2012

Decent camp for the kids - Wish their could have been more interaction between my child and head coaches, but understood when it's that big there can't be. Organization was good.

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Coxswain Coaching Associate

Vera is an elite level Dutch coxswain. She helped build portions of the self-assessment mechanisms utilized in the Sparks coxswain curriculum. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and is completing a Masters in Marine Technology from Delft University of Technology. She also holds a C2 level in Cambridge English.

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