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The Quaker Rowing Camp is celebrating its 11th year of business in the city of Philadelphia. We will continue to live at and explore the University of Pennsylvania campus and row out of Bachelor's boathouse, the home of Drexel University Rowing, to facilitate our Camp. This partnership will allow you to experience living the life of an Ivy League student athlete staying on the University of Pennsylvania campus, while rowing out of the historic Bachelor boathouse, home to the Drexel Dragons.

Our coaching staff will continue to be made up of collegiate coaches from the Philadelphia area and around the country. You will have access to experts in the coaching ranks who will help you become a better rower and help expose you to multiple collegiate coaching styles.

Disclaimer: The Quaker Rowing Camp is thankful to the University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor's boathouse and the Drexel Dragons for their assistance in providing facilities and equipment for the use of our campers. The Quaker Rowing Camp is not affiliated with, endorsed by or otherwise sanctioned by the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University or Bachelor's boathouse.


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- Perry Feinstein 06-22-2011

Breaking it up into three sections: Fun factor, Coaching, Results. Quaker Rowing camp was a very fun week. When we weren't on the water or at presentations, we had free time. I became friendly with 90% of the kids there, and we were able to go out and

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Meet Hilary

Counseling Associate

Hilary Gehman spent 15 years coaching rowing at the collegiate level, working first in a club program, then assistant coach for two separate DI programs, before seven years as the Staley head coach of women’s rowing at Cornell University. She has been a college counselor with Sparks since 2015. An accomplished athlete, Hilary is also a two-time rowing Olympian and six-time National Team member.

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