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Sparks was started by rowing coaches, for rowers - and is a trusted advisor for student athletes and parents seeking an optimal college fit. 

Helping you succeed in college - and in life - is our personal passion. 


Here's Why

As a college rowing athlete and coach, Ryan Sparks saw gaps in the system that left many students (including himself) discouraged and disheartened. 

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The Sparks Difference - A Holistic Approach


We pair you with colleges that nurture your skills, encourage you, and help you realize your athletic potential.


We ensure your academic passion and unique learning style are complemented by your chosen college.


We find colleges that mirror your personality, values, and sense of community.

Best Fit Means Everything.

Our rowing clients have an average 91% admit rate to their first-choice schools. But more than just finding a great college, they find a great fit.

We believe a holistic fit (academic, athletic, social) is the true measure of success. If your chosen college aligns with you on all three, you will:

  • Find it easier to learn and achieve academically,
  • Get the right athletic attention and exposure to truly fall in love with rowing,
  • Develop the relationships that will launch you successfully into life after college.

Client Success Stories

Meet Dave

Director of Experiential Education

Dave Payne heads Sparks' experiential education division - namely, rowing camps across the US and in Europe and New Zealand. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Education and a M.S. in Chemistry from the University of California at San Diego and is a former collegiate athlete and high school rowing head coach. He has worked at Sparks since 2011; Dave's passion is synthesizing athletic environments that encourage holistic growth.

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The Rowing Timeline Wizard

Rowing recruiting timelines can be confusing. They vary according to school and the specific needs of coaches.

Our 10-minute Timeline Wizard will help you orient yourself to the rowing recruiting process - in an easy, non-threatening way.

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The Rowing School Database

If you want to be successful in the recruiting process, self-evaluating programs will give you an edge. You already know more than you think about how to find the right college.

Search roster heights and team retention rates. This is our most comprehensive tool for evaluating rowing colleges. Amazing for getting perspective and insight!

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Sparks Consulting provides student-athletes with better college opportunities and insights than any other counseling or recruiting service. We do this by tapping into over a decade of experience as collegiate coaches and utilizing advanced practice ideas in experiential education combined with data-driven insight covering every major college team in the United States.