College Counseling for Aspiring Leaders

Choosing one's path into adult life is daunting - it takes courage and self-awareness to do well. 

Sparks offers both stand-alone counseling and work in partnership with some of the best academic college counselors in the world to provide comprehensive coverage and support of the college and recruiting process for self-aware student athletes.

The recruiting process can be overwhelming. However, it can also be a life-changing opportunity to have a college experience that supports your growth perfectly. 

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Success is about knowing what defines you. Here’s why:   

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Two Free Tools that Lead to Better Experiences

1. Rowing Timeline Wizard

Rowing recruiting timelines can be confusing. Given how late most students start the sport, we've created a handy, free tool to give you some orientation. 

Our 5 minute Timeline Wizard provides a personal checklist for the college rowing recruiting process. 

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2. The Rowing School Database

A solid target school list is a highly competitive edge if you seek to find admission and grow who you are as a student and athlete. We've constructed a virtual library of congress on colleges and their rowing teams. 

The most comprehensive tool anywhere for finding and evaluating rowing colleges. Plus, coaches' e-mails are included. 

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Success Stories

Meet Tom

Counseling Associate

A student-athlete on a club team in college, Tom brings experience as an educator from the Atlantic 10 and New England Small College Athletic Conference - as well as the pre-requisite counseling certifications for work with Sparks. "I really enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them think through the process - college recruiting is an opportunity to realize more about one's self," says Tom.

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