Everett Rowing Association Summer Camp


Camp Details

These camps are designed to introduce students to the dynamic sport of rowing.  No experience is necessary.  We offer a 1 / 9 staff to athlete ratio for a safe, fun rowing experience.  Programs will give the athlete a sense of this incredible, life-changing sport.

Racing Camp 
This 6 week program is full immersion to the sport.  It culminates in racing at the Green Lake Summer Extravanganza.  This team is the start of our Competitive Team. 

1 Week Summer Camps

These 1 week introductory camps are designed to give 7th - 12th graders a fun experience in an exciting, dynamic sport.   An emphasis on fundamentals is the basis for further participation.  High School athletes follow a more rigorous curriculum, designed as an introduction to potential participation in the ERA High School Program. 


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Meet Corrie

Counseling Associate

Corrie has served as a coach with the U.S.Rowing Junior National Team, Washington State University, Clemson University, and the University of Central Florida. She holds a Masters in Sports Management from Washington State University.

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