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Spring Break Rowing Clinic

Attendees will participate in a week-long rowing clinic where they will learn how to, and develop their skills of the rowing style sculling. This is where the rower will hold two oars, one in each hand. This is a clinic that new rowers and experienced rowers can participate in.

There are no prerequisites to participate in this clinic. Whether the athlete is new to rowing, or is experienced, they will benefit from spending the week in this clinic.  

Summer Rowing Clinic

Summer is an excellent opportunity to come out to Lake McIntosh Park and give rowing a try. PTCRC will be offering both beginner and advanced rowing clinics for Youth Athletes. Many of our current rowers never even rowed before they came out and participated in one of our Learn-to-Row summer clinics.

PTCRC will be offering 8 one-week camps during the summer. Attendees will have the chance to participate in beginner clinics if they are new to rowing, or advanced clinics if they have experience in rowing. Additionally, each athlete will learn about the different areas of rowing: form, technique, equipment, terminology, and safety handling equipment both on and off water.

Summer Rowing Clinics are open co-ed youth athletes from grads 6-12. 5th graders who will be in the 6th grade in the Fall are also welcome to participate.

Location: Lake McIntosh Park


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Meet Vera

Coxswain Coaching Associate

Vera is an elite level Dutch coxswain. She helped build portions of the self-assessment mechanisms utilized in the Sparks coxswain curriculum. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and is completing a Masters in Marine Technology from Delft University of Technology. She also holds a C2 level in Cambridge English.

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