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At RSR, we see sport as one of the most effective mediums, especially for young women, to learn critic al flie skills and buils confidence.

Consistent hard work is coupled with mental skills training and guided self exploration to empower you to begin to define your values, motivation and purpose through sport. 

We believe that confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem can be built by attempting (and only sometimes achieving) challenges. We focus on the process, which is why we train our athletes to Love the Fight. Our athletes learn, train and live by the RSR SEE Framework: Seek Challenge, Expect Discomfort, Embrace Work.

It is our job to create a safe environment to work hard, face your fear of failure and then manage the outcomes of that effort in a productive way. 

As coaches, it it our job to push you just outside your confort zone.

In doing so, you expand your comfort zone and are able to push a little harder with each effort. In order to reach your full potential, you must learn how to be more brave to take risks and face fear and you must learn self-compassion to manage challenges, failure and defeat.


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