Salisbury Summer Rowing Camp for Boys


Camp Details

Our goal is to further develop a limited number of young oarsmen – technically, physically and mentally – with a curriculum constructed and implemented by experienced educators of boys.  We will pursue the following five themes:

  • On-the-Water Instruction:    Twenty four hours on pristine Lake Washinee, in eights, fours and pairs, will take place in the morning and late afternoon hours with a coaching ratio of no more than eight to one.   

  • Fitness training:   Daily mid-day sessions utilizing Salisbury’s state-of-the-art Flood Athletic Center will focus on the do’s and don’ts of weight training, the specific benefits of yoga and stretching, and proper land-training technique in Salisbury’s dedicated erg room.

  • Nutrition:   All meals will be prepared by Salisbury’s own dining services team.   Hands-on evaluation of nutrition and diet will accompany at least one meal, as well as a discussion of the safety and efficacy of nutritional supplements.

  • Competition:   Discussion and presentation by international and Olympic-level oarsmen will focus on the idea of pursuing excellence on and off the water.

  • Understanding:   Daily post-row meetings using video will be led by coaches as they dissect and explain the mechanics of the rowing stroke, providing an individualized critique of each rower’s technique.


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Meet Dave

Director of Experiential Education

Dave Payne heads Sparks' experiential education division - namely, rowing camps across the US and in Europe and New Zealand. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Education and a M.S. in Chemistry from the University of California at San Diego and is a former collegiate athlete and high school rowing head coach. He has worked at Sparks since 2011; Dave's passion is synthesizing athletic environments that encourage holistic growth.

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