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  • Youth Sculling Camps

    Youth Sculling Camps are 15 hour camps designed specifically for the 8-13 year old athlete (at least 4'10" tall).  The camps are limited to 10 athletes per session, and held spring, summer and fall in different configurations.  These camps emphasize the skill of sculling (two oars per person).  Summer sessions are open to all but Spring and Fall are only for those that have completed a prior Sculling Camp.

  • Jr. B Sculling Camps

    The Jr. B Sculling camps are held at the beginning of the summer and are the first step in the USRowing development program.  These camps last a week and while hosted at SRA, they are coached by collegiate coaches and national team athletes.  These camps are officially USRowing Development camps.  Athletes are welcome from around the country as there is room and board available.  This year will feature 2 weeks of girls camps and one week of boys camp.  Each camp will be limited to 16 athletes.

  • Learn-To-Row Saratoga

    Learn-to-Row is the entry stage of SRA for local athletes looking to join SRA.  Athletes entering 7th-11th grade are eligible.  Each Session is 2 weeks long and session size is typically 20 athletes.  Learn-to-row is designed to make the transition to the junior competitive program a smooth one.  We encourage all those interested in joining SRA to attend a learn-to-row session or two.  These are held during the summer and practice times are 9 am-12 noon

  • Christmas FL Camp

    The Christmas camp is the same as the Jr B Sculling camps listed above, except it is held in Orlando, FL between Christmas and New Years and it includes a trip to Universal Studios.  Transportation to and from Florida is not included, but room and board are included.


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