University of New Hampshire Rowing and Coxswain Camp


Camp Details

Camp Philosophy

Individual rower and coxswain development is the priority. Participants will leave the camp with a greater understanding of rowing and coxswain techniques, team dynamics, and the importance of flexibility and fitness. It is our goal to provide an environment that is filled with learning, healthy challenges and FUN!

Camp Features

Technical developement, Video review & analysis, Camp Races, Pilates, Strength Training Instruction, Audio analysis for coxswains, Meals at the award winning UNH Dining Halls, UNH rowers and coxswains as counseling staff, College Recruiting seminar, Sculling Opportunities, 24 hour supervision, All Coaches and Counselors First Aid & CPR trained


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Meet Ryan

Founder & CEO

“There isn’t a universal school or rowing team culture that catalyzes athletic, personal or intellectual development,” says Sparks, “That said, every school and rowing team has a culture. The question is whether it’s going to meet the student-athlete and encourage their specific potential.”

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