We take NCAA rules extremely seriously given our mission to foster integrity and shine a light on negative recruiting in our community. We are reviewed by compliance officers each year and cleared. Officers looking to do due diligence might talk to any number of schools on our rowing camps page or in our reports. We’ve found the following information most pertinent to share regarding our firm. We welcome questions and comments.

Are we a “recruiting or scouting service?”

We do not provide or charge institutions for information on prospective student athletes. Our mission is to guide PSAs to colleges that appreciate them. In short, we consider ourselves to be a college counseling firm that maintains contact with collegiate coaches to understand program specific cultures and needs for the character growth and benefit of our clients.

Are we an agency?

We do not collect money from PSAs based on marketing them to institutional athletic staff members. Additionally, we do not base our contracts on promise of institutional financial aid. We charge by time to select the best schools for our clients, help them with the application process, and guide them on their communication with recruiters.

Regarding Scholarships

Our firm provides documented scholarships in a college counseling function as a measure of community enrichment. We may not provide them at our rowing camps given NCAA bylaw (Division I).