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We are former top-tier rowing coaches and Olympians. The better parts of our lives have been spent in the rowing community, and nothing makes us happier than to help others find their place it in. 

Our mission is to develop athletic and (as a result) personal awareness in the clients we work with via the college selection and recruiting processes. Though our clients are accepted at the most selective schools each year, we do not advertise or consider ourselves a superior consultancy based on this. Instead, we measure success on whether clients and the schools that accept them find mutual benefit over four years.

When clients find a good fit, it also benefits the rowing community. We do not see admissions as a process of "us versus them" as some marketing would have you believe, but rather a process of working together to help student-athletes find their place with a school and coach they love. 

We evaluate each family on a case by case basis in terms of how much our services may benefit them and their specific needs. Talent is not a limiting factor so much as a willingness to engage the college and recruiting processes and achieve greater self awareness as a byproduct.

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