More About You.. 

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You know we're kidding. But, we're serious about getting to know each potential clients' specifics. Ultimately, choosing a college should be specific to each student's needs. 

Flip The Script. 

Collegiate athletic recruiting should be about choosing the best team to facilitate your education, pure and simple. 

Unless you're going to sign a contract for millions of dollars to be a professional - at which point your goal set is different. 

We seek to work with families who are interested in finding a holistic fit in their college choice - athletically, academically, and personally. You will see your coach more than your professors. You will spend up to twenty hours a week with your team, defining yourself by the team's values and standards. The culture at your school will effect the way you see yourself. 

Don't just look at a list and choose based off of someone else's judgement of best "fit" for everyone. We're here to help you consider your needs and apply them in the college and athletic recruiting process.