Develop Your Coxing Principles

Our coxswain development curriculum is almost a decade old, and currently in its fourth revision. We see over one hundred coxswains a year in our camp system, and prioritize their coaching in appreciation and respect for the discipline. 

Our coxswain camps at BU, Penn, and Columbia are designed to allow coxswains to experience a reframing of their skill that enables them to practice better self-leadership to evaluate their skills and set goals for improvement. 

The first principle in our curriculum is awareness, for without it none of the others are possible. 

From there, we orient coxswains to their responsibilities in three key areas: steering, commands, and organization. The question is whether the coxswain can evaluate their skill in each of their areas on an objective enough level to devise goals and methods for improvement long after camp ends.

Each camp has its own dedicated staff. We explore the nuts and bolts of our curriculum in the video for our coxswains only camps - which are the intermediate level of challenge in our coxswain programs. The difference between the coxswain only camps and the introductory camps is that coxwains at BU, Penn, and Columbia integrate with the rowing campers for the on-water session - whereas the athletes are "rented" for on-water work that exclusively focuses on coxswains on the intermediate and advanced levels. 

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