Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find dates and/or cost for camp?

You can find these under the details tab for each camp linked below, or on the Camp Dates and Location Page.

BU (Boston): June 26-30;: $1,295

UPenn (Philadelphia): July 17-21, July 24-28, and July 31 - August 4; $1,295

Columbia (Manhattan) : August 7-10, $1,249

Coxswains Only (Oklahoma): July 23-27 and July 30 - August 3; $2,250

Holland Racing (Rowers): June 25 - July 8th; $3,495 

Holland Race Coxing (Coxswains): June 25 - July 8th; $4,295

New Zealand Development (Five Week Intensive) : June 25 - July 27; $5,750

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

We can offer day camper discounts for campers not staying in the dorms (see below). Beyond this, we cannot offer discounts due to NCAA regulations.

Touch base with us via the live chat for day camper discount codes. 

What level of experience is necessary for camp?

This question naturally depends on the camp, but we’re happy to talk you through each of the options specific to your own situation and goals if you’ll click in the bottom right corner and ask us!

Our collegiate camps are built to provide better connection with the sport to a diverse array of high school rowers starting with a season of experience up to three years - though we also offer a Learn to Row (LTR) section for prospective coxswains and rowers new to the sport.

Our Coxswains Only and international programs are more intense and built for athletes intent on pursuing the sport at higher level. Typical participants average around two years or more of experience.

Where are camp forms found?

Camp forms are issued at least six weeks prior to camp on our site via your dashboard.

Do you honor rooming requests?

Typically, no - unless in the case of a medical issue. We seek to avoid social cliques at camp. These requests do not allow the camp to meet each camper on an individual level - a level of educational quality we're serious about providing. The requests also unintentionally disable the fun and according growth of meeting new people (everyone feels awkward at the start of camp) and gaining new perspective on the sport. That said, there's plenty of time to hang out and experience camp with one's friends (the ones from before camp) during the day at camp. 


What do you offer at your camps for coxswains? 

We've developed an internationally recognized coxswain curriculum in coordiation with American and foreign Olympic coxswains (amongst others, including a number of national team coxswains) and typically see over 100 coxswains through our camp system per year.  

The curriculum at base teaches coxswains to be aware enough of themselves to be able to evaluate current skils and structure expectations for improvment in three critical areas: steering, commands, and organization. This video covers the curriculum at its most intensive level at our coxswains only camp, though campers at our collegiate camps have their own staff and also work through a version of the curriculum integrated with the rowing camps. 

I’m a coxswain and can’t decide between coxswains only and a collegiate camp - help?

This very much depends on where you are with coxing, your goals, and sometimes your college search.

The collegiate camps have their own coxswain coaching staff and coxswain curriculum off water, but are integrated with the rowing camp on-water and provide no specialized on-water coaching for coxswains.

At Coxswains Only, the rowers are rented such that the on-water coaching is entirely devoted to the coxswains and this allows an extra amount of intensity and learning. Typical participants have been coxing for more than two seasons and average around three.

Learn To Row

How does Learn To Row work at your camps? 

We reserve a small grouping of slots at each camp for the learn to row section. The group receives its own dedicated coach for the week and is oriented to the sport we love.

Ideal Learn To Row (LTR) athletes have prior athletic background. 

If I want to Learn To Cox without prior rowing experience, how should that work? 

You should sign up for LTR at camp and then be oriented to the fundamentals of the sport while you will also attend meetings of the coxswain section at camp. Beyond that, you will also have access to the coxswain coaches outside of your dedicated LTR coach.