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Our introductory camps are designed to provide perspective, inspiration, and orientation to students in their first few years of rowing. More than just a training camp, Sparks camps are communities built on teaching students better leadership via the challenges they encounter during their time in our space.

While the coaching is some of the best in the world, our camp operations staff are also committed professionals in the field of experiential education. It is our shared passion that the pursuit of better rowing can and should be analogous to the pursuit of a better life.

We see diverse levels of experience at our collegiate camps - from novices who are unsure about the sport after one season to Division I recruits. Students are divided into skill groups to better facilitate their learning, but it's our hope to introduce you to a supportive community that educates and emphasizes the value of experience regardless of your stage. 

Our introductory programs and coxswain camps include an invite for camp alums and their families to live online events held during the fall with academic college counseling experts and supplemented by our staff of recruiting and rowing professionals. These events are meant to help our alumni balance rowing with their college search and mix our decade of college counseling experience in the rowing community with expertise from the top private academic college counselors in the industry.

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