Why Row in New Zealand?

Over the years we found sending athletes abroad increases their awareness, both personally and athletically. With jaw-dropping scenery and one of the highest performing rowing cultures in the world, New Zealand offers life-changing opportunity for juniors.

NZ Rowing: Strong Results, Stronger People

Rowing’s popularity in New Zealand is exceptionally high; it could be said Kiwis are most passionate about rugby, sailing, and rowing, on the same level the average American is concerned with baseball, basketball, and football. Rowing’s popularity in New Zealand has produced advanced development systems for their rowing athletes and made it possible for a country of only 4 million people to consistently produce a higher international medal count than the U.S. – and they maintain one of the highest per capita Olympic medal counts in the sport.

The country’s culture invites students to achieve both athletically and personally while keeping them in an environment that is grounded, ethical, and good-humored.

A Deeper Journey Towards Accomplishment

Rowing in New Zealand in the stunning scenery and constantly changing weather conditions creates ample opportunity for personal reflection. One can improve one's rowing anywhere, but ultimately the environment offered in Dunedin and Nelson is meant to allow athletes to dig deep within themselves to mature in their relationship with the sport and  apply those lessons to the rest of their lives. 

The quality of the New Zealand program is determined by the group's character, run through our most extensive admissions processes. The Dunedin Program (Sparks New Zealand) is the most intensive program we offer, while Nelson (Sparks Adventure) offers more social interaction.

Our New Zealand alumni are some of our strongest proponents. While it is a long flight, around 90% express interest in returning to the country upon program completion. Some already have.

If you have questions, we're happy to speak further. 

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