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We're so pleased to get to know you!  Let's setup a time to chat.

Don't worry - we're not going to push sales on you. We're interested in where you're coming from, what brought you to us, and your goals. We can tell you a little more about us (if you like) in the process. If you'd like to proceed from there with a follow-up chat about services, so be it. But this initial call is more about meeting and greeting you. 

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The Fine Print..

We’re a small firm deeply commited to developing athletic and (as a result) personal awareness in the clients we work with via the college selection and recruiting processes – thus developing them and the collegiate athletic community simultaneously.

We feel ethically bound to both the collegiate athletic community and our clients.

Though our clients are accepted at the most selective schools each year, we do not advertise or consider ourselves a superior consultancy based on this. Instead, we measure success on whether clients and the schools that accept them find mutual benefit over four years.

Working with us involves:

  • Setting up a call to meet you, gather initial information, and answer any initial questions.
  • A needs assessment interview between the family (particularly the student) and their potential counselor.

While we’re happy to hear from you, we truly desire to limit ourselves to clients who are committed to gaining from their collegiate career by making a positive impact on their environment given our position and philosophy as a firm.

Talent is not a limiting factor so much as a willingness to engage the college and recruiting processes and achieve greater self awareness as a byproduct.