Who We Are

Leigh Carroll

Leigh holds a B.A. from Brown University and an M. Ed. from Stanford University. With a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction in History, her master’s degree focuses on secondary school students (grades 7-12) and includes coursework on Adolescent Development and Equity in Education. She is a former NCAA Division I and US National Team coxswain who has coached at Harvard-Radcliffe and at the high school level. Together, these coaching experiences help her better prepare her clients to make the jump from high school sports to college athletics.

As a high school teacher, Leigh specializes in managing chaos and providing her students with the support they need to achieve their goals. Leigh enjoys providing technical coaching for coxswains such that they gain confidence in their own process of self-improvement.


The Ivy League Conference - Assistant Coach

High School Head Rowing Coach



Brown University, B.A.
International Relations


Stanford University, M.Ed.
Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction in History with Certification

Additional Coursework

Re-certifies on the NCAA recruiting examination annually