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The rowing recruiting process can be stressful given how late students can develop in our sport. 

We have given the better part of our lives to the sport of rowing. Our goal is to accompany you through the recruiting process, manage your expectations, and help go beyond athletic recruiting - to achieve a solid outcome for the rest of your life.

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College Counseling For Rowing Athletes

What is the college rowing experience (actually) about?

Everyone sees the intense coverage of Division I rowing programs throughout the year in various rowing media outlets. That said, some Division II and III programs take their rowing just as seriously and have benefits Division I schools do not offer for different athletes. Club teams also offer a student-run experience. Each of these divisions has a general culture and a specific programmatic culture that is usually a large and meaningful part of years 18–22 for students. The college rowing or coxing experience is actually about how these various divisions, leagues, and programs impact and relate with you – the student-athlete.

What is truly the "best" experience?

Rowers in boat cheering

The “best” experience is the place where the most positive impact can occur for both the athlete and the school. We’re of the opinion that the best undergraduate experience depends wholly on the qualities of the student-athlete and school (including the rowing program) and their chemistry together. The essential relationship between student and school is one that affects both at a deep level. Any other pairing makes for an expensive, lukewarm experience – which is unfortunate at the price tag most of these educations carry.

How We Work

Rowing Medal

We love and know our community on a personal and professional basis.

We’re interested in developing it and believe for students to be ultimately successful they must be a fit personally, academically, and athletically for their school sets. We do not consider acceptance at “brand” schools a mark of success unless students’ values are actually in line with the school and program. We determine this by working with student-athletes to establish their values then helping them assert the qualities most important to their schools who will be receptive to those in the admission and recruiting processes.

We’re looking to develop college rowing through educating our clients on themselves, the recruiting process, and working to connect the rowing community in everything we do.

Coaching in Our Natural Element


We’re ultimately rowing coaches at heart. We seek to understand the potential and value of each rower or coxswain we work with and express them at their fullest. Our associates are given very small client loads so as to develop intimate relationships with our clients and their families.

We’re also intimately familiar with the rowing or coxing student-athlete’s admission process given our own experience with the rowing recruiting process. This is a distinct advantage over many private firms, or even some counselors employed by schools.

We specialize in helping student athletes present the specific attributes of themselves that make them a good fit at specific universities and rowing programs through the college admissions process – applications, essays, phone calls, emails from coaches and official visits are our natural element and we advise clients on thousands every year. We understand the process personally and professionally.

Integrity and Passion

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We limit our clientele and try to avoid a “mercenary” mindset. We do this to provide better service to our clients and ultimately the college community. We believe this is a good way to establish trust, which we think is the critical bond in any good coaching (or business) relationship. We think the best experience is a simple, straightforward one.

Thus, we seek out athletes with the passion to continue their rowing on the next level and then examine each case individually to help align the athlete with the best opportunity to enjoy their college experience.

When and How to Begin

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We’re free for freshmen and bill hourly for sophomores, juniors, and seniors after an interview.

Though the most intense work generally occurs with juniors and seniors during their fall semester, work can begin earlier. Ideally, many clients work with us over the course of their junior year such that they can save energy and expense on the process in their senior year. We like to build a relationship with our clients. It’s important to know them if we’re to help them as college and recruiting guidance counselors.

We seek to provide a coaching experience as we would have our clients’ college experience be – character driven, enjoyable, efficient, and effective.

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Coxswain College Counseling and Coaching

What do college coaches want in a coxswain?

Coxswain camp

A good coxswain can make the difference between winning and losing in their own unique way. However, with a lack of objective standards the recruiting process for coxswains is different and requires higher and earlier levels of skill and tenacity than the rowing athlete’s in the college selection process.

We see coxing as an integral discipline in our sport. Beyond our rowing camps and coxswains only camp, we’ve uniquely designed a program for coxswains that integrates coxswain coaching and college counseling in a one on one format to help them better address the college recruiting process but also, hopefully, their enjoyment of the ninth seat.

The Process of Coxswain Coaching

Work is conducted on an individual basis via video conference during the rowing season. We originally developed a sixty four point evaluation system broken into an eight point score card. From there, we broke things into four key areas: awareness, steering, organization, and direction.

We mentor clients via a process of identifying goals in these areas, allowing them to go to practice or competition and execute, then meeting again to analyze and continue. We also use these opportunities to introduce specific situational ideas, enabling them to utilize particular technical situations to their advantage, and increasing their peripheral understanding of the sport. We’d invite you to check out our coxswain specific references.

Coxswain Mentoring by Top Coxswains

coxswain mentoring

Olympic bronze medalist Marcus McElhenney and National Team coxswain Steven Young designed our coxswain program with a single goal: to give coxswains the tools to pursue the discipline they love effectively – and thus improve on their own. Meanwhile, we also blend our highly successful approach to college counseling into the program uniquely for each student based on their year, place in the sport, character, and goal set.

As should be obvious by now, this means a lot more than tape review! We want coxswains to be able to pursue the sport such that their tapes will take care of themselves long after we’re gone and they’re competing for collegiate first varsity 8+s and beyond.

Getting Started

Coxing in college

We love working with folks who are passionate about the sport, and we recognize that no two people connect with rowing in the same way. We interview folks before they become clients – as our coxswain program integrates with our college counseling program, we plan a timeline as to how to structure coxswain coaching, goal sets, and the recruiting process. We generally like to start with sophomores or juniors, though we have provided coxswain coaching only to seniors.

Teaching coxswains to teach themselves ultimately betters their program – and we’re proud to be able to give back to the rowing community in this way.

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