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The Recruiting Economy and why it Matters to Prospective Athletes

By Ajit Aranha | June 17, 2017

There are important overarching principles inherent to college recruiting that transcend sport-specific considerations. These principles are part of what we call the 'recruiting economy,' and for prospective student-athletes, they make...

Frequently Asked Questions About Recruiting

By Christie Barakat | June 17, 2017

Q. What percentage of graduating high school players actually earn Division I scholarships? A. Certainly this varies according to sport, but for many young athletes and their families, the dream of playing college sports is very different...

What Constitutes a Good Coach E-mail Update?

By Sparks Editorial Staff | November 1, 2016

When trying to stay on the radar of busy college coaches, a lot of recruits worry about how to reach out. It’s pretty easy to respond to an email from a coach and answer questions they’ve asked, but sending unsolicited information...