Who We Are

Vera Terlouw

A Dutch rowing athlete, Vera serves as a project manager with Sparks experiential education and specializes in curriculum construction. Her job is to take sport camp goals and translate them into the Sparks model.

She enjoys the intricasies of utilizing Sparks' pedagogical model in sport camp content construction and has helped standardize much of the self-assessment the company encourages in athletes. She brings an empathetic approach combined with an engineering background that allows the company to scale mechanisms innovated after years of experience in experiential education. 

Vera holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and is completing a Masters in Marine Technology from Delft University of Technology. She also holds a C2 level in Cambridge English.


High School Coach 

Dutch High Performance Team 



Delft University of Technology, B.S.  
Industrial Design 


Delft University of Technology, M.S. (2018)
Marine Technology