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Marcus McElhenney

Marcus McElhenney is a six-time world medalist, three-time world champion and an Olympic bronze medalist from Philadelphia. Prior to his career on the national team, he was also a former student athlete at Temple University.

After coaching high school for several years, Marcus was inspired to help other young athletes secure a spot at their dream school. This realization led him to join the Sparks Consulting team as a counselor in 2010. To this day, when you ask Marcus what he enjoys most about being a counselor, he’ll say it’s the opportunity to empower others to achieve their goals. He is incredibly passionate about helping students find the right path, not just for college, but for a lifetime of growing experiences, challenges, and success.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from Temple University and a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco. He also serves as the firm's general counsel. 


United States National Team

United States Olympic Team



Temple University, B.A.


University of San Francisco, J.D.

Additional Coursework

Re-certifies on the NCAA recruiting examination annually